Hulcher Village

“Enjoy Simply Beautiful Lake Life Urban Living in Hulcher Village”

Village Centre View from the south along Pettit Bay Road
Village Centre view from west

Nestled into the hillside at the base of Pettit Ridge, Lake Tenkiller, Oklahoma comes a village combining a sense of urban life within a rural lake environment.

We are creating a quaint relaxed living environment in a small village at Lake Tenkiller to give people as many amenities as possible in a rural lake setting.

This is the bases of our theme of “Enjoy Simply Beautiful Lake Life Urban Living “

Lake Shack Store : Currently Closed for winter. Owner operator opportunity available.

Opened April 18th 2021 with lake basics, food, drinks, beer, ice, paper goods, and Guzzi’s Pizzaria temporary home. It also serves as info centre for Hulcher Village

Guzzi’s Pizzaria :

Authentic Italian recipes sacked from ancestors’ former in-laws, the Lombards. (Hulcher Family friend Ken Selby, 1936-2012 God rest his sole, wished he had these.) The Pizzaria’s name comes from the original ’68 Moto Guzzi centerpiece which has traveled all over North America; even Woodstock Music Festival! This historic motorcycle is kindly on loan by its original owner. The one. The only. Eddy Monk!

Coming to Village Centre

Village Penthouses 1 / 720 sf @ $129600 – 3 / 1080sf @ $216000 – 1 / 1493st @ $298600

Village Condominiums 1 / 720sf @129600 – 2 / 828sf @ $149040 – 3 / 1080sf @ $194400 1 / 1260sf @ $226800

Village Market: 6am-10pm

You basic general lake supply store of food, drink, ice, lake supplies, & souvenirs to prove you have been relaxed and somewhat cultured.

Make the spirit of Captain Henry Morgan proud by filling your supply chest at the Village Market without paying a high ransom! (Yes. That Captain Morgan.)

Dogwood Pub & Game Room: 11am-10pm

A quent Scotttish style public house in which one may enjoy a leisure or competitive game of darts, shuffleboard, or pool as well as dining on unique dishes from Hulcher Family ancestral recipes.
Entrepreneuship opportunity here for operating partnership. Inquiry to

Beer Garden! Bier Garden! Biergerten! : 11am-10pm

Zicke zacke, zicke zacke, hoi hoi hoi! Need we say more?

Ok. You can may also enjoy the dining menu from the Dogwood Pub out here in the garden. Prost!

Höltje Hotel:

The heritage of Hulcher “Höltje” is synonymous with Innkeep in a practical Deutsche fashion

Suds Laundry:

Get your clothes and linen things clean

20420 Dispensery:

Just your basic chillin’ supply shop man…

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Midnight Sun Spa:

Make your body fresh!

Sweating out in the 155 degree Swedish Dry Sauna.

Tanned in the tanning bed, then and or rubbed, and scrubbed here.

Entrepreneuship opportunity here for operating partnership. Inquiry to

NUCCA Spinal Care

Hulcher Family is blessed to have the best Chiropratic Doctor in the World as a family member (Ain’t braggin’ just stating Fact) (sarcasm on)but is locked down by the Michigan dictator(sarcasm off). We know the best in the area and are working on getting him here at least part time. 2022 perhaps.