Lake Shack Store OPEN 10am-8pm Tuesday – Sunday

Groceries, Milk, Pop, Beer, Ice, S’mores, Firewood, Lake Holiday Essentials, and More. Get it at reasonable prices at the Lake Shack Store! Save time, travel, and money over driving miles out your way to get what you need. Take advantage of our superior buying and pricing as we exist as a service for Cedar View Cabins guests at Hulcher Village and the Pettit Bay, Lake Tenkiller community.

Just what is the Lake Shack Store?

Concept of the Lake Shack Store is mixed throwback to simpler times. The fiftys and sixtys had the neighborhood corner grocery store with convenience stores coming along in the late sixty’s and early seventys without gas pumps. Stepping into the Lake Shack Store is a blend of all these.

The store carries basic grocery items of breads, canned goods, sauces, spices, dairy, meat, poultry, paper, and box goods as well as drinks. It also has a small array of fishing equipment, clothing and even carved walking sticks along with camping supplies.

How the Lake Shack Store came to be.

This is the story about the creation of the unique structure which sprouted up along Pettit Bay Road 600ft beyond the entrance to Pettit Bay Recreational Area at Lake Tenkiller, Oklahoma known as the Lake Shack Store. This story begins around Oktober 2018 when an eyesore property below Cedar View Cabins was purchased. The idea to build a village to encompass a small village which Cedar View Cabins has been repeatedly called started to become reality when the creator of Cedar View Cabins purchased a second eyesore property below the holiday rental cabins January 2, 2020. First came the concept of a village centre style dubbed as Olde Europe Mushroom in which units connected into a long rectangle multifloored structure with the ground floor built into the hillside facing west and first floor front facing east. The first and second and roofline 3rd floors all designed to expand out overhanging the lower creating more square footage yet retaining a very efficient small ground footprint. Once a few tons of trash and vehicles were removed a preliminary terrain study was made and the concept advanced in the way of old school pencil drawings by one who achieved professional status of ‘paid architect’ at age 15. Then the vision began taking form with sculpting the hillside to see what was possible without dynamite.

The preliminary study proved pretty much spot on and the vision is coming into focus nicely. That initial dirt work done, the realization this project would take more than a year or two. It would also need more than a crew of one-two, which is all Cedar View Cabins creation took. So it was decided to build a structure to house a small store and Pizzaria. This would supply and feed the quickly growing number of guests frequenting holiday rental cabins of Cedar View and construction crew. With this operating no one needed to waste time driving to get feed or supplies they needed.

The design of Lake Shack Store is as effective and efficient as possible with a design flare the architect just couldn’t resist creating in a simple straight forward yet intriguing fashion. Build it with a loft and stick the Woodstock Festival experienced Moto-Guzzi up there behind a wall of windows above the sliding glass doors!

To tell people what the structure contains, the name Lake Shack Store & Guzzi’s Pizzaria was coined by one who had many years experience in marketing and communications. It was decided the structure would also house worker quarters in its loft besides displaying the one owner Moto-Guzzi which the Pizzaria is named after. Guzzi’s has a story to be told itself which will be published later as this story is about the Lake Shack Store structure.

Building the structure started and the thought was it could be opened by Memorial holiday weekend. Nope, nodda, the construction stopped, started ,and stopped again more than a few times. Why? Well the chinese flu comes along and blows up material supply chains causing shortages and skyrocketing costs. So being raised by parents whom always taught conservation by example, 95 percent of the structure is made from repurposed, recycled, redefined, and reused materials. The simplest way to complete this story is for you to simply come and see for yourself as there are many more stories within this story best experienced in person now that the Lake Shack Store is open before the Memorial Holiday Weekend goal. We just never said ‘which’ Memorial Holiday Weekend!

Lake Shack Store: Now OPEN!

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