Meaning in Hulcher Village

“People will not look forward to prosperity who never look backward to their ancestors.”

Vena Mary Thompson-Hulcher, July 1986 in her Family Facts and Recollections genealogy book quoting 18th century philosopher & statesman Edmund Burke.

First site approaching the Hulcher Village development one notices flags of differing nations.

Most repetitive is the US flag then Hulcher Village Shield flag followed by flags of Germany, Sweden, Scotland, & Wales. There are also singular flags of more than a dozen countries and unions representing nationalities and heritage of visitors and residents of Hulcher Village. This compilation signifies to the world that many cultures are here and have visited this little melting pot village smack in the heart of the Cherokee Nation.

Exhibition of Artistic Displays

Wilbur the steel horse
Mr Ed the steel horse

Here again the art is steeped in heritage.

In the year 1882, Friedrich & Maria Höltje and three children aboard the steamship “Elbe” immigrated to Atwater, Illinois in the United States from Verden, Niedersachsen, Deutschland. After living with Maria’s sister Sophia Harms then a farm south of Atwater they settled a farm in 1896 south of Virden, Illinois.

Verden Niedersachen is the district town of the district of Verden, Lower Saxony, Germany. U.S. comparative of township & county seat (Verden) and state (Lower Saxony). Lower Saxony’s flag is a raring white stallion on a red shield with black, red, gold (yellow) striped background of the German Republic flag.

In the year 1900 to signify fully integrating as Americans Friedrich, Maria, and now ten children legally Americanized the surname by changing Höltje to Hulcher.

Hulcher Village pays tribute to its Deutsche heritage with raring horse sculptures humorously named Wilbur and Mr. Ed. the steel horses and Hulcher Village’s shield of raring golden bae stallion on garnet burgundy field.

Hulcher Village Shield

With all the symbolism one must wonder if there is official imprimatur tree, music, flower, and stuff like that?

The answer is simply yes and yes by heritage.

Tree is the Evergreen Cedar Tree which worldwide has signified eternal life and strength.

Flowers; Dogwood, Thistle, Daffodil, Cornflower, &Twinflower.

Music: Harp Twins. The American identical twins of Scandinavian decent playing electric harps are simply mesmerizing.

Being influenced by German, Swede, Scot, & Welsh heritage the preferred music is such

Music from German musicians: Hands on the crank, Patty Gurdy. The redheaded fräulein masterfully plays the hurdy gurdy symphonia, a 13th century small version of 10th century two person organistrum. She also sings extremely well.

For funky techno dance rap in unique low German dialect De fofftig Penns from Bremen just north of Höltje homeland Verden.

Swedish musicians: Although Sweden is Scandinavian the series “Vikings” has reimaged raiding and pillaging as the associated Scandinavian signature, Of the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Norway & Denmark, Sweden is more like the ‘been there, done that’ chillin’ brother just interested in partying. With that in mind you may think ABBA. Ok; being located at Lake Tenkiller, Ace of Base fits Party Cove well. So let’s just include Roxette to get the top three international Swedish groups. But hey, don’t forget Cardigans. Yah “She’s got the look.” And you probably thought Swedish music was just dark drumbeat chant death to get to Valhalla Viking music. The term Viking actually means explorer, Not raider and pillager as it seems everything else on the internet tries pin on the term.

Scottish musicians: Julie Fowlis in Scottish Gaelic is a favorite. Clanadonia for tribal pipe and drum. There’s way too many great pipe and drum tattoos to choose just one.

Welsh musicians: Celtic/Gaelic Folk in Welsh, Eve Goodman, Ceredwen and ALAW will certainly be welcome in The Dogwood Restaurant Pub & Game Room.

Official Animal: Our very own ‘Baby Doll the Dragon’

However Official Pet of Hulcher Village is Kitten

Kitten Hulcher Village's Official Pet
Official Pet of Hulcher Village, Kitten

We must include Area Social Distancing Champion as seen here posing during secret photo shoot on Goat Island. Date of photo is, well, Secret of course! Although it is believed that he participated in the shoot in hopes of attracting a queen of his own by prominently displaying his bare left ring finger.

Squatche, Lake Tenkiller Social Distancing Champion

This blurry picture, also snapped at Goat Island, of a furry creature is Not Squatche.

Not Squatche